ABOUT Hushh Club

HUSHH is a luxury magazine that will showcase local boutique type businesses and Knoxville’s “hidden gems” around town. HUSHH is an advertising outlet with Advertorial Content (editorial content about YOU). What the people of Knoxville will be reading about is your business. Yes, you can place your advertisement in the publication, but we also give you a chance to “tell Knoxville your story” and really give you an opportunity to connect with your target audience. On top of that, our magazine will also coincide with our HUSHH CLUB, which is a rewards membership program that gives you a chance to offer special “perks” to anyone who is a part of the club. This allows you an additional way to reach your target audience and literally bring them to your door! This type of hybrid publication has never been done before and we are very excited to be able to bring it to you!

HUSHH will be directly targeted to the upper middle to upper class demographic. And we aren’t talking about some random massive mail out campaign or leaving our magazines in some dirty news box outside. Our publication will be strategically placed in boutique type businesses in and around the greater Knoxville area. This is a “coffee table” magazine and will be placed as such in places like doctor’s offices, coffee shops, salons, pubs, winery’s, cigar bars, hospitals, and select upper scaled hotels. We will also be holding a HUSHH CLUB launch event every month to unveil each months edition of our publication as well as an updated HUSHH CLUB partners list. This will create a community name and great reputation for anyone involved, as well as give us a chance to literally put our publication (your advertisement) in the hands of your exact target market. There is no other marketing or advertising outlet that currently does this. Also keep in mind this will be on top of our normal distribution to the places mentioned above as well as our payed subscription with in home delivery. Again, there simply is nothing out there like this. Take a moment to think about your current marketing campaign and what you are, or are not, getting out of it. Our main goal at HUSHH is to drive your target audience to your door.

Knoxville will be the pilot for this publication with it rolling out in Nashville, Boca Raton, South Beach, West Palm Beach, and the Greater Tampa Area in the months to follow. We cordially invite and greatly encourage you in joining us as one of our partners.

Please contact us so we may go over your marketing strategies for your business.

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